While the image bank is a rich place to start for those interested in book visual history, we have found since the creation of the exhibition “A Place of Reading” that there are seemingly countless images of readers and their books which were not included in the original exhibit.

Therefore, rather than have the image bank be a “closed” area of the exhibit, we decided to allow visitors of the site to view additional images in a blog-style format. Images in this section will be tagged and added as frequently as we can find them.

lunatic asylum image

Interior page and title shop from The Opal. [Utica, N.Y.] : Printed at the Office of the "Journal of Insanity." Began in 1851. Ceased in 1860. online catalog record


A lithograph entitled: Se-quo-yah / R.T. [signed on stone] ; Drawn printed & coloured at J.T. Bowen’s lithographic establishment no. 94 Walnut St.

AAS Online catalog record

Another newspaper scene

Detail and full lithograph of Politics in an oyster-house | Les politiques au cabaret.
Lithographied by Michele Fanoli
aas online record

Reward of Merit

Reward of merit - detail and full award. The award is for W. Abner Bow engraved by Abner Reed.
See full catalog record here: aas catalog record

Sampson Occom

Portrait of Sampson Occom "the first Indian minister"; undated lithograph aas online record

Man | Woman

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aas online record

The above details are of a man and woman reading in separate spaces; interior page from The History of the Holy Jesus 1762 edition.